E-commerce site hosting in CROC’s cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Accelerate the service performance to improve user experience for procurement managers and partners, optimize IT and personnel costs, and ensure continuous availability of the e-commerce site.


А101 Group’s e-commerce site has been operating in CROC’s cloud since its launch in early 2017 and is used to approve some 5,300 documents from 1,500+ counterparties every month.


  • High-performance service;
  • Payment for consumed resources only;
  • Service hosting in a cloud based on the distributed network of CROC’s fault-tolerant data centers;
  • Use of a communication channel available to the customer which combines four independent telecom carriers.
Oleg Sorokin, Head of IT Infrastructure Division at IT Department, A101 Group.
«The operation of the e-commerce site directly affects our overall performance. A quick search for suppliers offering the best product prices helps reduce the cost of construction, while fast approval of contracts enables the company to deliver the site on time and thus fulfill its obligations to customers, investors, and partners. Our global objective is to reduce IT service operation costs while increasing procurement efficiency. Evidently, in the current economic environment, the cloud surpasses the ability of other IT tools to fulfill these tasks»