Loqui business social network now hosted in CROC's Cloud

CROC Сloud

Project objective

Make Loqui Business social network and Loqui app available in the Russian market
  • Ensure stable performance of customer’s apps
  • Bring user personal data storage and processing in compliance with Russian legislation
  • Integrate customer’s German-based virtual servers with infrastructure in Russia
  • Ensure quick deployment of testing environments for customer’s developers


CROC deployed Loqui services in the cloud based on CROC’s own geographically distributed data centers, and thus assured guaranteed 99.9% performance stability for the customer. Loqui Business uses CROC’s cloud as a platform for Loqui’s own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provided to end customers. To improve service manageability and ensure prompt technical support, CROC integrated the customer’s German-based virtual media servers with CROC’s cloud resources. As part of the project, CROC also created an easily scalable copy of basic infrastructure available to the customer’s developers worldwide and thus enabled them to deploy testing environments for further development of Loqui services.
Solutions and services: CROC’s public cloud


  • Full compliance with Russian legislation
  • Flexible infrastructure scaling in line with customer needs
  • Double SLA to assure 99.9% server availability and disk performance, even at peak loads on testing environments
  • Smooth performance at peak testing environment load during weekends
  • Encryption for secure data transmission
  • Highly-qualified, stable, and fast technical support
  • World-class service quality
Dmitry Benz, Founder of Loqui Project.
«To enter the Russian market, we needed a reliable partner capable of prompt and efficient deployment of our key service components in a cloud in compliance with personal data legal regulations. CROC helped us select the optimal solution to ensure a secure infrastructure running on Russian servers and also offered highly skilled technical support and a transparent billing model. As a result, we decided to partner with this cloud integrator»