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EMC is a global leader in intelligent storage systems, software, network integration and information storage and management professional services.

CROC — EMC Cloud Builder

EMC Cloud Builder authorization entitles CROC to develop and create cloud architectures, provide flexible and cost-effective cloud services based on EMC technology, and ensure high customer service levels. CROC became the first Russian company to be certified with EMC Cloud Builder status.

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Oracle is the world's leading supplier of software for information management.

CROC — Oracle Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Provider

Oracle BPO Provider authorization entitles CROC to provide business process outsourcing services on Oracle platforms. When implementing such systems, customers may opt for a subscription model instead of purchasing licenses and thus significantly reduce costs. With BPO applications within external clouds, customers can access required applications on an 'as-needed basis' while avoiding expenditures related to the purchasing and maintenance of their own IT infrastructure.

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VMware is the world’s leading provider of x86 virtualization software.

CROC — VMware Service Provider (Enterprise level) in VMware vCloud Powered specialty since 2012

vCloud Powered Services authorization proves that CROC can quickly increase computing capacity and ensure infrastructure security when delivering cloud architectures.

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Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software development, IT services and solutions

CROC — Microsoft Cloud OS Network Russia member

CROC has achieved this cloud status for its high level of competence in creating state-of-the-art architecture for data centers and cloud services and for its experience in implementing hybrid scenarios and storing personal data. Currently, Microsoft Cloud OS Network Russia comprises only six members—the largest Russian cloud service providers which offer services based on fault-tolerant and certified data centers.

When developing cloud solutions for customers, CROC focuses on cutting-edge Microsoft products and technology in order to ensure more efficient customer business process management.

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Citrix provides desktop virtualization and enterprise-wide access solutions.

CROC — Citrix Cloud Solution Advisor

In 2012, Citrix awarded CROC with a Cloud Solution Advisor authorization. CROC's certified experts have rich experience in Citrix cloud solutions (both IaaS and SaaS).

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Extreme Networks is a telecommunication vendor of network equipment and a designer and provider of Ethernet networks.

CROC — Project of the Year 2012: Cloud Data Center; Project of the Year 2012: Wireless Network

Extreme Networks awarded CROC for its high professionalism and cloud solution technology.


HP is one of the world’s largest IT companies, with its vast portfolio of products and solutions including printing and image processing systems, personal computers, software, IT services and infrastructure.

CROC — HP Cloud Center of Excellence

This status proves the high level of CROC's qualification and competence as a systems integrator deploying various cloud solutions and enables the company to expand its hybrid cloud service portfolio. Customers who benefit from having their own HP-based private clouds can now leverage the capacity of CROC's Virtual Data Center during peak loads.

CROC is one of only three Russian companies to be authorized as an HP Cloud Center of Excellence.

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Cisco Systems is a global leader in network equipment, technology, and software.

CROC — Cisco Advanced Cloud and Managed Services Partner

The Cisco Advanced Cloud and Managed Services Partner authorization in IaaS allows CROC to give its customers access to Cisco network equipment, software, and server resources via CROC's cloud. With Cisco Powered Cloud Service certification, CROC's Infrastructure as a Service enables customers to fulfill business tasks and enjoy faster telecom service deployment and guaranteed service quality, without extra capital expenditure.

Learn more about Cisco Powered IaaS.

The fact that CROC was awarded Cloud Builder Partner of the Year during Cisco Partner Summit 2014 highlights the company's competence in Cisco-based cloud infrastructure deployments.

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Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive is a leading global vendor of customer relationship management software.

CROC — Platinum Partner

By partnering with Enghouse Interactive, CROC has expanded its portfolio with the addition of its Contact-center as a Service (CCaaS) offer.

Red Hat

Red Hat is a leading global provider of open source solutions.

CROC — Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider

CROC's Virtual Data Center has already been providing services to organizations from various industries - including the manufacturing, finance, retail, healthcare, mass media, and public sectors - and Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider authorization now confirms the compliance of CROC's Virtual Data Center with Red Hat enterprise-class public cloud requirements. CROC is Russia's first Red Hat partner to be authorized in this way under the Certified Cloud Provider program.

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 ASD Technologies

ASD Technologies is a Russian and Korean vendor of open source software and a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, with the company specializing in developing and integrating distributed, fault-tolerant, highly available and highly loaded cloud infrastructures.


IBM (International Business Machines) Corporation is the world's largest information technology company.

CROC authorizations from IBM