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Hibernation accelerates restart and helps save on the cloud

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Deep sleep is good not only for humans, now virtual machines in CROC Cloud can hibernate too.

Hibernation is helpful when infrastructure is needed ad-hoc, and you never know when this happens. It allows you to restart virtual machines much faster thanks to the time savings on launching applications, warming up their RAM, and configuring your environment. Hibernation reduces your cloud cost for periods when instances are suspended, since the fee is only charged for storing their volumes (and Elastic IPs, if used).

The operating system of an instance uses native tools to suspend it. This ensures that it seamlessly enters/exits the hibernation mode, and, in particular, fixes certain issues such as time mismatch when resuming VM operation. An important notice: RAM data is written to an attached volume so that the user retains full control over it.  

To support hibernation, preconfigure the OS first and make sure there is enough space on the volume to swap RAM content, or otherwise the instance will not be stopped. For detailed prerequisites and instructions, see the documentation.

The web interface now features the Hibernation button. The hibernation mode is about to replace the previous suspension mode, which is still available and will be disabled upon at least 1-month notice.

25 may 2022
CROC Cloud May Update
You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.
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