Kubernetes and DevOps stack administration

Kubernetes and DevOps stack administration

Set of infrastructure deployment and maintenance services to create container- and microservice-based business apps

Key Features

Audit and consulting

Audit and consulting

We will survey your infrastructure and «as is» development, delivery and deployment processes, help you detect and fix bottlenecks, establish interaction between the teams, and organize an optimal development pipeline.
Kubernetes design and implementation

Kubernetes design and implementation

We design and implement custom-tailored Kubernetes cluster infrastructures and related services (monitoring, logging, queuing, caching, fault-tolerant databases, etc.).
DevOps stack design and implementation

DevOps stack design and implementation

We implement best DevOps practices and orchestrate and optimize CI/CD processes using the selected tools.
24/7 support

24/7 support

We support Kubernetes cluster and DevOps stack infrastructure 24/7, respond in 10 minutes, and perform in accordance with a guaranteed SLA.
Administration and development

Administration and development

We take responsibility for managing Kubernetes cluster and DevOps stack infrastructure and guarantee its performance and continuous improvement.
Infrastructure support

Infrastructure support

We take over the support, management and improvement of infrastructures in CROC Cloud, on third-party platforms, and on private dedicated installations.
Dedicated project team

Dedicated project team

To every project, we dedicate a properly qualified team, including a technical architect and network, DevOps and information security engineers.
Rich expertise

Rich expertise

We have CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrators and Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration on staff. We are experienced in supporting projects for top 50 industries.

Use Cases

Transition to a microservice architecture

We design a reliable enterprise infrastructure in line with your tasks and implement it on a turnkey basis to enable you to create business apps based on a microservice architecture.

Lack of DevOps/Kubernetes competences

We help you to optimize, support and develop your Kubernetes and DevOps stack infrastructure if you lack required specialists or competences.

New project start

We implement and maintain your Kubernetes and DevOps stack infrastructure to guarantee you complete your project on time even if you lack specialists or they are overloaded.

IT function outsourcing strategy

We will be there for you to develop your Kubernetes and DevOps stack infrastructure, making your IT specialists available to solve top priority business tasks.

Inefficient release issue process

We help you organize and automate CI/CD so that you issue releases quicker and minimize bugs.
What typical SLA is applied to the infrastructure and DevOps stack support?
Services can be provided pursuant to an 8/5 or 24/7 SLA depending on the customer’s tasks and service importance. Guaranteed response time is 10 minutes.
Do you work with Kubernetes platform only or other options are possible?
We work with both Kubernetes and other most popular platforms, such as RedHat OpenShift, OKD, and Rancher.
How is Kubernetes and infrastructure service support billed?
The support is usually billed as follows: 1. Monthly fixed price for monitoring and incident support. The cost depends on the infrastructure size, load and business importance. 2. Administration tasks and infrastructure modifications are paid monthly according to the amount of spent hours. You can opt for a service plan with the required hours already included, thus saving money.
What are economic benefits of outsourcing DevOps Infrastructure administration?
Our market analysis shows that outsourcing DevOps infrastructure support to CROC will be 30-50% less expensive than doing it by in-house specialists. In addition, we guarantee support compliance with the strict SLA.

CROC Cloud May Update

You can now create snapshots from volume versions, increase volume size in Kubernetes and filter resources by main parameters.

CROC Cloud Gets Faster with NVIDIA GPUs

CROC Cloud Services now offers NVIDIA GPUs to drastically accelerate computing-intensive jobs. GPU-as-a-Service is based on VM instances with NVIDIA GPU and billed monthly on the pay-as-you-go model. Users are fully supported 24/7.

Automatically scale with the new Auto Scaling Groups

This new service allows you to automatically adapt to load changes by adding or deleting instances in a few minutes.

Introducing Launch Templates and Related API Methods

Launch templates streamline the launch of instances of the same type and minimize the risk of configuration errors when deploying them.


CROC Cloud Services Records Skyrocketing Number of Customer Requests

In the first two weeks of March, CROC Cloud Services received a 960% more requests YoY. With IT equipment shipments being on hold, companies seek for available means to maintain business processes and upgrade infrastructure. The customers of the five sectors account for 80% of requests, including finance (28%), IT with online service developers (17%), retail (15%), manufacturing (11%), and logistics (9%).

Volume Versions, а New Feature of CROC Cloud

CROC Cloud introduces a new feature, Volume Versions, that you can use to restore your volume content instantly to the original disk.
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CROC Cloud Services is a standalone CROC business unit that offers cloud and managed В2В services.
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