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Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS)

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Evgeniy Zavyalov
Director of Business Applications
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Business intelligence systems are highly demanded in any area where companies face a continuous business information flow due to a large client base and a wide range of goods and services. A mathematical engine reveals hidden patterns in cashier receipts, shop visitor counters and warehouse load data, and displays results in the form of charts and diagrams via a single GUI. System requests are based on clear business logical terms such as ‘What stock reserve is optimal for each item?’ ‘How do marketing actions influence sales?’ and ‘What showcase position ensures better sales?’ etc.

BIaaS based on CROC's cloud allows customers to analyze business processes, use reports anywhere via a standard web browser, and save money both on the solution implementation and support. Since the solutions are already deployed in CROC's Virtual Data Center and are ready to use, implementation at a customer's site takes the shortest possible time.

BIaaS Use Cases
  • BIaaS based on the cloud infrastructure of the Virtual Data Center and per-second billing
  • Co-location of the customer's equipment in order to store and process data in CROC's Data Center, and using BIaaS to avoid license fees and benefit from guaranteed fault-tolerance of 99.982%
  • Renting backup equipment to ensure uninterrupted operation of customer's own BI solution